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Material samples collection_29

Extremely hardwearing collection 29, with a pleasant, slightly plush texture. A wide range of colours with a melange character. Fabric made with Magic Clean and Virus Protect technology. An innovative coating that provides protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infections. It has a pull-proof structure and is characterised by its pet-friendly properties.

Magic Clean
Magic Clean
We award Magic Clean certification to materials that have an advanced protective barrier.

Pet Friendly
Pet friendly
Pet Friendly materials are more scratch resistant and can be cleaned with water.

Virus Protect
It is an innovative coating that provides lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infections. Its active particles, effectively destroy microorganisms. Virus Protect protects the fabric surface for a long time, actively disinfecting it.

Certificate OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100
Friendly to the environment and human health, free from concentrations of harmful substances.

Type knitted fabric
Composition 100% polyester
Grammarly 381 g/m^2
Martindale test* >50 000 ( category A)
Peeling** 4/5

*Martindale test - A test that involves placing fabric between cloth or sandpaper discs, where it is used to rub along the material under test with constant pressure. Depending on how durable the fabric needs to be, it is subjected to different types of abrasion for hours or even days.
**Peeling - is the formation on the surface of a fabric or knitted fabric of small, ball-shaped, bundles - known as knots. The degree of susceptibility to peeling is determined according to EN ISO 12945-2 on a scale of 1-5, where 5 means maximum resistance.

You can order each bed in any upholstery material of your choice.
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The arrangement of the pillow is for illustrative purposes. The offer relates to a sample of the material measuring 15cm x 22cm. It is allowed that there are differences in shades between production batches.
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