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by berke.

Oak wood textures

The wooden elements are protected against drying out and cracking. The wood is finished with fully ecological and high-quality preparations.

The products we use are 100% natural and safe.

You can order each bed in any wood color of your choice.
If you do not find configuration you are interested in in our store contact us at
Within 2 days working days we will prepare for you an offer and an individual variant of the product.

The .zip file you will receive contains all available wood stains. PBR materials consist of: diffuse, normal, height, ao, roughness.

Remember that any berke product can be finished with any of the materials available in our offer.

To download additional PBR material and wood textures, click below.

Let's take care of the environment together. Check out our blog for inspiration and see how you can give a second life to samples of our materials.

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Standard response time: 1 working day.

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