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Wooden beds

Hand -made wooden beds made of the highest quality materials will ensure a comfortable and stylish sleep.

Choose solid oak furniture with FSC certified.

10 years guarantee

Delivery with lifting

Free return

Wooden beds for the bedroom are first and foremost the choice for people who appreciate a beautiful and classic look with a durable and solid construction. After all, the bed has been one of the most important and essential pieces of furniture in our home for centuries. Those made of wood will not only give us comfort and durability, but also a wide range of possibilities related to interior design. After all, depending on what type of wood we choose, we can achieve a very diverse effect - from classic, elegant to rustic and very natural design. Wooden beds are also an excellent choice for those who appreciate minimalism and the Scandinavian style, characterised precisely by the abundance of natural materials. A very practical solution used by berke is the production of top-quality wooden beds with a storage box, which makes it easier to keep the bedroom tidy and provides us with significantly more free space in the bedroom.

The wooden bed of your dreams

Wooden beds have a lot to offer. If properly chosen, they can provide us not only with a great look and a great combination with the bedroom décor, but also with a good feeling of well-being, a healthy spine, comfort and, most importantly, a full night's sleep without any discomfort. After all, sleep has a huge impact on many aspects of our lives - mood, relaxation, work, functioning throughout the day. So if we choose our bed with due care, we will ensure comfort on every level. To this end, let's pay attention first and foremost to the highest quality, comfortable mattress, durable frame and frame. It is elements such as these that contribute to the right posture and proper level of sleep for all members of the household. A huge advantage of choosing a bed from the berke line is the multitude of models, which will ensure that everyone will find something for themselves and their interior, complementing the arrangement of the bedroom. If, on the other hand, you opt for a wooden bed with a storage box, you will not only ensure a great look, but also undeniable functionality and comfort, which you will appreciate very quickly.

Solid wood beds - which one to choose?

As we have already read, there are usually two qualities that count when choosing a bed - the aesthetic one and, of course, the practical one. When choosing a wooden bed, let's be guided primarily by the style in which we feel best. If you prefer an 'old' atmosphere, opt for a massive wooden bed with rustic elements. Their solid and massive construction, combined with hand-polished elements, will make such a bed cosy and perfect for your décor. If, on the other hand, we prefer modern or Provencal interiors, then opt for a more modern, perhaps white bed, which will brighten up the bedroom and give it a romantic feel. Lovers of modern style can also opt for minimalist beds with a simple design, which are timeless and versatile. Nevertheless, a wooden bed in any of the above cases will be an excellent choice that will last for many years.

Wooden beds for the bedroom an investment for years to come

All berke oak beds have been made from solid wood, which, after the removal of knots and blemishes, have been joined using modern technology. The thick and solid wood prepared in this way is very resistant to any damage, and the metal joints and fittings further strengthen the entire construction. If you choose a bed with a chest, which is a very practical addition, you can also be sure that our actuators can easily cope even with heavy mattresses. Let's remember - a wooden bed is an investment for years to come, which you should enjoy during everyday use.

Why choose oak beds?

A wooden bedroom bed, and even more so an oak bed, is an excellent choice for those who appreciate classic yet elegant solutions. This is because such an arrangement will guarantee that the bedroom will always look perfect, regardless of the time that has passed. Oak is an extremely durable wood, which is why this type of bed is most often chosen by customers who value class and top quality. Of course, berke offers classic beds, but also those with elements of modern design, so everyone will find their dream bed. When choosing bedroom furniture, remember that it's not just the look that counts, but also, and perhaps above all, practicality and durability - this is what solid wood beds, especially those made of oak, can provide.

Wooden beds are available in sizes: 140x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x200.