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For a hard mattress - how to know and what to do about it?

We can often encounter the thesis that a hard mattress is a good mattress. Unfortunately, life refutes this thesis every day.

For a hard mattress - how to know and what to do about it?

When choosing a mattress, we should pay special attention to its hardness, which will be tailored to our needs and weight. Especially that probably in the morning, after waking up, we woke up with pain and muscles. The reason could be in a badly selected mattress. Many people choose a mattress based on friends' opinions, and this is a very wrong action. As we have already mentioned, the mattress should be chosen individually - each body is different and what corresponds to one person will not necessarily be an equally good solution for another. Unfortunately, the poorly selected mattress will not give us the correct support for the spine, which in the long term will result in unpleasant sleep, muscle and spine pain. What to do in such a situation and how to avoid such errors?

For a hard mattress - how to know and what to do about it? 


For a hard mattress - how to avoid buying the wrong mattress?


As we mentioned at the very beginning, the mattress should be adapted individually to our weight. This, in turn, translates into matching the shape of the spine. As a result, we sleep pleasantly all night, and in the morning we wake up like the newborn, without pain. It is also worth remembering the main advice - well, heavy people should absolutely not choose too soft mattresses, because they will even collapse in them, which works terribly on the condition of our spine. On the other hand, for light people, a bad solution will be too hard a mattress, because they may feel so -called Bone breaking syndrome. Unfortunately, it often happens that a woman is light and a man much heavier. In this situation, it is necessary to achieve the best compromise. For this purpose, we have prepared for you a small guide that can help you choose the best mattress for two.


  • Soft mattress - It should be intended for people whose weight does not exceed 60 kg. Used by heavier people, it can do a lot of damage to the spine and muscles.
  • Medium soft mattress - such a mattress can be used by both lightweight people weighing 60 kg and those whose weight does not exceed 80 kg. It is chosen quite often by marriages.
  • Medium hard mattress - Second in popularity. Perfect for people who weigh from 80 to 100 kg.
  • Tough mattress - It is intended for heavy people whose weight exceeds 110 kg. Only then can he provide full comfort and support for the spine.


For a hard mattress - what are the symptoms of sleeping on a too hard mattress?


We have a lot of mattresses on the market, but choosing the one can be extremely difficult. Sellers, unfortunately, often do not help us, and even disturb us, wanting to sell any product by force. As a result, we tend to ill -considered proposals and choose a solution not necessarily adapted to our needs. At home, after a few nights, problems begin to appear - we cannot sleep, we feel unpleasant pressure, the comfort of sleep deteriorates, we wake up with great pain, and our well -being all day leaves much to be desired. There are many symptoms that tell us that the mattress is too hard. The most common, as it is not difficult to guess, is simply back pain. Then in the morning we feel a feeling of breaking in the bones - this is a symptom of too hard mattress. It results from the inability to take a comfortable position during sleep. As a result, for most of the night we drill and look for the optimal position. Another symptom, in turn, is a headache. It is usually not too strong, but unfortunately quite troublesome and durable. Finally, it is also worth mentioning muscle spasms and numb limbs. It also results from a too hard mattress that causes pressure, which in turn leads to numbness of the limbs (mainly legs) and muscle spasms.

For a hard mattress - how to know and what to do about it?


How to soften too hard mattress?


What to do when the mattress is too hard? Fortunately, we can fix virtually every mistake. This is also the case with a too hard mattress. In order to soften it, we can use a surface mattress, which is a special softening cover, which we also call a topper. Toppers can be divided into softening and leveling ones. Such covers are made of various types of foams (thermoelastic, latex, highly elastic), thanks to which they can give the base mattresses more softness and significantly improve the comfort of our sleep. Interestingly, the top -up mattress can also be used as an independent mattress, and even take it with you on a journey.

The replacement of the frame may also be another solution. We often underestimate its role, and in the meantime it is of great importance for the comfort of our sleep. The frame has a great impact on the hardness of the mattress. If we decide on a flexible frame that will harmonize with the mattress, we will also improve its flexibility, and thus, we will significantly improve the comfort of use. Interestingly, most of the currently sold racks have hardness regulation in its central part. This allows you to match the hardness of the mattress to our needs and may prove to be an invaluable function that we will use immediately after reading this article.

For a hard mattress - how to know and what to do about it?


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