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Interior design trends 2022

Fashionable interiors 2022 This is undoubtedly a topic that design lovers began to live before the start of the New Year. What's more, the largest world fair that takes place in Milan every year, took place in September 2021. There were many projects and implementations that are to be part of interior trends 2022. So what will this fashion year be? Certainly focused on nature, ecology, vintage and handmade objects. We will largely strive for coziness and comfort. We can also be sure of one thing - in 2022 a lot will happen!




Interior decor 2022 - Let's focus on three main styles




In 2022, three main styles will reign - Boho, Art Deco and Japandi. Fashionable interiors, especially in the bedroom, will therefore have functional minimalism in a slightly inverted form. The main violin will play natural and pastel colors, and Furniture in monocolates.




Boho style in the bedroom in 2022


Let's start, however, with a boho style, because it will undoubtedly be on top. Boho is characterized by freedom inspired by an artistic lifestyle, it is also adorned with a large dose of picturesque. The proverbial three grosze to this style was also added by the so -called children flowers, raised in hippie times. Rebellity, life in their own way, independence - these three features give the interior design in the style of boho very well. However, do not forget about the second form, i.e. coziness and full comfort.

 Interior design trends 2022



Art Deco style in the bedroom in 2022



The second style that will lead the way in 2022 is style Art Deco, which was initiated as early as the 1920s, i.e. during the interwar period, but is actually flourishing now. As defined, its name comes from the French word art, i.e. art and Decoratif, i.e. decorative. Interiors in this style captivate us primarily with elegance, good taste and craftsmanship. Remember, however, that in the case of Art Deco the price of furniture does not count, but their construction and the highest quality. In this case, we need to pay attention to every detail, taking care not only about furniture, but also about lighting and numerous, elegant accessories.


 Interior design trends 2022


Style Japandi in the bedroom in 2022



Finally, we can't fail to mention the style japandi, Which one It was created on the canv of the Japanese and Scandinavian style. Often people who love this style also perceive him as a way of life and the art of giving up unnecessary things. Japandi is distinguished primarily by minimalism, simple solids, geometric lines and forms saving. The Japanese style was mainly borrowed by space, interior lighting and a short, but very accurate motto - Less is More. From the Scandinavian style, in turn, broadly understood simplicity, subdued colors and of course love for natural materials.


 Interior design trends 2022



Fashionable bedroom 2022



To make the bedroom fashionable in 2022, it should be primarily personalized. Let's think about what we need, what put us in a good mood when we are able to calm down and calm down. This will give us an answer how to create a cozy arrangement. Stress, a multitude of duties and a situation related to Pandemia means that we need a place that will leave all problems behind us and put us in a calm and comfortable mood. Therefore, the arrangements of the 2022 bedroom are created for those that give us a sense of security and relaxation. Therefore, three styles reign - Boho, Art Deco and Japandi. Let's take care of big bed With good quality mattress, let's use a resident of the Scandinavian and Japanese style, we will use natural raw materials, green and comfortable seats, use a light color palette and functional furniture To store our little things - and all this to feel safe and ensure the most comfortable sleep and rest.





Fashionable colors for the bedroom 2022



In 2022, mainly the colors of nature count. Biofilne trends, which have begun in the previous season, will also stay with us. Let's try to "smuggle" as many natural materials as possible to our bedroom, from which they can be made, even furniture, pot plants and natural fabrics in pastel colors.

Current trends say clearly - Pyiles, greens, browns will be important colors of this season. First of all, their deep shades will be fashionable, which we associate with expensive stones, but we should not forget about bright colors that give freshness to any interior.A great partner for greenery will be purple, which has not been seen in top, color trends for a long time - shades of lavender, lilac, amethyst and berries will rule as an ideal addition.

This year's bedroom decor, however, cannot do without classic and mild colors. Warm earth colors, beige, gray and brown will become colors that will without a doubt symbolize modern minimalism.


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