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Morning getting up - how to learn to get up earlier?

People without a doubt are divided into two groups - "wounded birds" and the so -called "Night brands". If someone is used to getting up early, it is very difficult for them to switch to another mode. Similarly, with people who can afford a longer aging in the morning - then they willingly use their energy in the evening and go to sleep late. Morning wake -ups, the alarm clock and the possibility of nap function are a very bad combination in this case, because a healthier and more effective form is undoubtedly switching to the morning getting up. The sound of the alarm clock can be terrifying, but thanks to waking up early in the morning we gain a lot of extra time during the day, and also activate the body to act, thus increasing vitality and energy to life. So why is it so important for our body and how to take the effort to change habits?


How to get up in the morning - what does it give us?

First of all, getting up earlier, we can enjoy the silence. Morning coffee then tastes much better. Nothing, but believe that he can give a lot of pleasure. We are able to calm down properly, plan all day. We do not hear car noise, and thus, we avoid morning traffic jams. What's more, for many of us it will be the only moment during the day, when we calmly drink coffee, think about various matters or mediate.

Getting up in the morning, we can also eat breakfast without rush, which is the most important meal during the day. It is without it that the body will not function well, and thus, our mood will suffer and we will not have proper energy. So, getting up earlier, we develop healthy eating habits that will positively affect our body.

Speaking of health, we cannot forget about the morning training, which swims great on our mind and of course the body. By exercising in the morning, we also provide ourselves more time in the evening, which we can use for meetings with loved ones or rest with an interesting book or film. Remember, the desire to change your habits is extremely important, and the planned training the day before can help us effectively.

The morning is also how research shows the most productive part of the day. We then have the so -called "Clean head", our memory is at the highest level. So we can check the mail, write back to overdue correspondence or work on new projects, which will bring us many benefits over time.


Morning getting up - how to learn to get up earlier?



How to get up earlier? The art of morning getting up

To start getting up earlier, you must first introduce some important rules. The first and most important of them is without a doubt to sleep earlier. People who go to sleep late, usually also get up late. Therefore, we gradually change the time we are going to sleep. Let's not take drastic steps, however. It is recommended to start from 20 minutes earlier than usually and increasing this time in the perspective of several weeks and thus, increasing our vitality. Good sleep and warm quilt are always difficult opponents, but find a reason to beat him!

In addition, let's make it dark in the bedroom. Then the body releases melatonin, or hormone responsible for drowsiness. Let's avoid blue light, which has a very negative impact on our dream and applies to virtually all electrical devices at home.

Let's not forget about relaxation. Just changing the light may not help sufficiently, so you should additionally develop your pre -season, a calming ritual in the form of breathing techniques, an interesting book or meditation.


How to get out of bed in the morning - motivators

We know perfectly well that getting up early, especially when the weather outside the window is not good, it is not easy. Therefore, we must motivate ourselves to this properly. Setting the alarm clock at the same time may be an excellent form. In addition, set the first alarm clock at the early time and put the alarm clock far from the bed. Such a trick will cause us to have no choice - we will have to get out of bed to turn it off, and this is the first and most important step.

Secondly, let's avoid many naps before your final up. We realize that we often feel even chained to bed and instinctively turn on the nap function. Unfortunately, the accumulation of several consecutive naps is not a good solution. At this time, the body does not regenerate, on the contrary - we often intensify the negative emotions associated with the wake -up and sound of the alarm clock.

Sleep disorders can also take our toll. How to limit them? First of all, let's try to make the last meal not too full and is not eaten just before going to bed. Why? Well, our sleep comfort will deteriorate significantly. Sleep quality can also be studied by means of sleep monitoring. It will certainly give us many answers about getting up in the morning.


Morning getting up - how to learn to get up earlier?



Morning getting up - how to gain this habit?

A very important role in getting up early is to develop the right habit. Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult. We can easily train such a compulsion, if we adapt to a few simple tips. First of all, let's start getting up regularly. If we get up late for a few days, and then we are forced to get up, even at 5 am, then of course it will be a hardness. However, if with each subsequent day we move the time of getting up by just 10-20 minutes, then with time getting up early will become the norm, and the next day at the morning we will be ready to act and in a good mood! For such habits of persuasion of a friend, thanks to which our motivation to achieve the goal will increase, and problems with getting up will become a thing of the past.

In addition, we will set daily rituals. Small, but daily activities will facilitate our early reasons. So let's repeat these activities every day, according to a specific order - both before bedtime and after waking up. When planning a day, sticking to a specific framework, we will not have a choice, because a longer nap can cause our functioning.


Getting up at 5 am - how is this possible?

It is not easy, but believe that it is possible. In this case, sleep phases have a great impact on this. That is why there are people who sleep 6 hours and feel rested, and there are also those who feel tired after 10 hours. Let's remind you that we divide the dream into two main phases of sleep-non-arem, i.e. hard dream, and REM, i.e. the phase of the movement of the eyeballs, which is much shorter. It is in this phase that our body is flaccid and it is very easy to wake us up. Specialists say that the most effective sleep is when we go through 4-5 phases during the night. In practice, this means that we need only 7 hours of sleep to wake up crisp and ready to act. But how to do this? Most often we sleep in about 90 minutes cycles and it is best to wake up at the end of each of them, just in the 15-minute ReM sleep phase-then it will also be much easier for us to get out of bed.


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