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What do you need to know when choosing a bed for a child?

What do you need to know when choosing a bed for a child?

The first children's bed is a baby cot with rungs.

When he is about 2-3 years old, we usually start looking for a bed, which will be a bit more "adult" and he will be It served for a long time.

What should we remember first?

  1. The bed for a child must be above all secure. The necessary element of the bed for a child is protective barrier, which will prevent falling from bed when the child is still small and intensively moves across the mattress while sleeping. Luckysoft It is equipped one barrier, which is mounted freely, depending on which direction you set the baby cot in your toddler's room.
    What do you need to know when choosing a bed for a child?
  2. Probably more than one mother is afraid of if there will be a child at night too cold - Especially in winter the walls in the room are cool. The solution to this problem is second protective barrier, which can be mounted to the cot from the wall. There is no fear of cool nights then, because the child will hug into a soft fabric.
  3. Bed height It is crucial for a small child. The cot cannot be too high, because climbing and getting out of it will be difficult for the toddler. The legs in the Luckysoft bed are only 15 cm highSo we have a guarantee that the child will not hurt when leaving the cot.
  4. When designing a child's bed, we wanted to take care as best as possible - the whole cot is upholstered: frame, headboard and protective barriers cover soft fabric. There is nowhere sharp corners and edgesto avoid bruises and abrasions.
  5. Aesthetics of the cot for a child it is very important, especially for the majority I have :) We give the opportunity to choose any material From our rich offer of fabrics - out of almost 300 types Colors and textures we can choose one that will perfectly match the decor of the toddler's room. We encourage you to order free fabric samplesto be able to make the best choice.

Most of the fabrics available in our store are materials ease of cleaning and hydrophobic. So there is no fear that small hands will dirty the cot - it is very easy to wipe them with delicate detergents, and the hydrophobicity will make water or juice not terrible :)

What do you need to know when choosing a bed for a child?


The beds of the bed are painted on White colorto harmonize with the equipment of a small child's room - but if you put a different color in the toddler's room - Write to us, you can change the color of the legs.

  1. Also think about the size of the cot - as standard in our offer you will find Lucysoft in sizes: 70x140 cm, 70x160 cm, 70x180 cm and 90x200. Think about how long the bed is to serve the child. If you need a different size, no problem, all you have to do is with us you will contact:)

If we think about all these elements, we can enjoy it for a long time beautiful, safe and solid A bed for a child.

What do you need to know when choosing a bed for a child?

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