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The most popular interior design styles

One of the key decisions that we need to make when finishing, and then the device of our apartment or house is of course the right choice of interior style. It will be mainly on him what furniture we will buy, how we will paint the walls and what accessories, colors and textures we will use to get a coherent and aesthetically -looking composition. Currently, we have a huge selection of both styles and equipment on the market, which is why on the one hand the decision is not easy, and on the other we can change in various arrangements until we find the one that fully satisfies us. That is why we present to you below six currently most -practiced interior arrangements, But remember - the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own apartment or house.




Japandi style


Japandi styleThis style is the first of thesemay be hit For the next few years. It is specific A combination of Scandinavia and Japan In one room! Arrangements in this style are paradoxically spectacular through theirs simplicity and minimalism. The rooms are to be above all Simple, but also elegant and functional. Therefore, a large amount of discrete lighting and intelligent solutions play an important role. What else can we distinguish the Japandi style? Definitely simple blocks, saving forms and geometric lines. Add -ons should also be minimalistic. Use as much as possible to finish this style natural raw materials such as stone and woodwhich beautifully create a coherent whole.


The most popular interior design styles 



Boho style


Boho style - This style stands out The greatest freedom in the selection of colors, designs or fabrics. Add -ons in this case also do not matter so much. It is in a nutshell Fancy, casual and colorful style - And although at first glance it may give the impression that it is chaotic, after a while we are able to notice that everything corresponds to him well. When putting on the boho style, let's choose first of all Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, wicker, natural fabrics with linen and cotton at the forefront, as well as unobvious combinations of styles and colors, as well Patchwork patterns, which in the boho style will work like anywhere else.



The most popular interior design styles 


Art Deco style


Art Deco style - this style He was widespread during the interwar period. It is currently a combination of that period with modernity. It is characterized by a stylish entwination into the decor of antiques, which are to take tradition and culture to the pedestal. Art deco furniture can somewhat resemble those from glamor style, although most often they are not so ostentatious, but every detail should be refined in them. As for add -ons, in this case we should bet on patterned materials that use geometric and floral motifs, let's also use quilted furniture and headrests, while the colors should be subdued, although contrasting is allowed, even white with black.


The most popular interior design styles 


Modern style


Modern style - also called modernist style. It has been with us for a long time, though Over the years, its definition changes slightly. Currently, this is really a response to the splendor and rich decorations arrangements from the 19th century, when the motto was kept - the more and golden, the better. Currently, modern style can be characterized by 3xP, i.e. spacious, simple and transparent. Therefore, in a modern style, it must reign primarily Functionality, order and elegance. The furniture is distinguished by simple forms and minimalism, but on the other hand we can go crazy with slightly more crazy accessories. Also Geometric textile patterns, numerous pillows, rugs and curtains play an important role. However, let's remember Fr. subdued color palette. Let's not use bright and opposing colors - let's bet on White, gray, beige, possibly black. Let's break this decor with details, where, for example, one wall will be painted with a more intense color.


The most popular interior design styles 



Glamor style


Glamor style - When writing about the modernist style, we mentioned the glamor style, i.e. full of luxury, splendor and tinsel. That's how he is - It arouses a lot of emotions, often even controversy. Some consider him a timeless determinant of style and elegance, others even identify him with kitsch. However Interiors decorated in glamor style should be rich. After all, we associate it with Hollywood and old houses of stars, which is why in the colors of Glamor arrangement Black, white, gold and silver dominate. Shell we Complete these colors with shades of brown, beige, purple and bottle green. The price is of course shiny decorations and finishing elements. In addition, velor will work Curtains, numerous mirrors, crystals and paintings framed in decorative frames. A warm, yellow light that will emphasize the entire arrangement is also mandatory.

The most popular interior design styles 


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