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Softness at your fingertips

Warm, comfortable and practical (thanks to storage systems) upholstered beds are increasingly stealing the hearts of interior designers.

When we think about our bedrooms, we think about lazy Sunday mornings spent lounging in bed and quiet evenings rolled up with a good book. Our bedrooms are an oasis, and the fastest way to create it is upholstery, which not only adds an elegant style to space, but also creates a cozy sleeping environment.

French look

Upholstered beds They are largely part of a traditional French decor, so if you want to capture the appearance of the castle over the Loire, upholstered bed frames are a great choice. The art of French design is balance and subtlety or exaggerated indulgence - the choice is yours. Small accents, such as bedside tables, lamps, curtains, are a must. In our offer you will find numerous additions from dressing table, after tableand, ending with bencheswhich, perfectly corresponding to the upholstery of our beds.

Remember, if you intend to choose this style, it must be complete. There is no place for random accessories here.


Central point

In addition to maybe the wardrobe, your bed is the largest furniture in the bedroom. Instead of trying to hide it with pillows, make him a central element of your bedroom that will inspire the rest of your space.

Softness at your fingertips


Different styles

Fabric headboard is available in different styles and sizes to match any bed - from simple forms to more sophisticated ones.

In our store's offer you will find a headboard mounted in a very simple way - to the bed frame. In many sizes, styles, colors and materials (check a wide collection of fabrics in the tab Order samples). All matched to beds with dimensions: 140x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x200; and even 210x200 and 220x200 cm.


Berke bed collection with upholstered headrests:


CON bed
Model created for comfort of use. Rounded headboard shape with visible stitching on the material. (look)

Softness at your fingertips

Slim bed
An elegant connection to your bedroom. Double -sided upholstered, slender headboard, protruding beyond the frame of the bed. (look)

An ideal solution for demanding ones. A thick, 14-centimeter, soft headboard in the shape of a rectangle impresses with pure form and solidity. (look)

Angel bed
Light composition for the original interior. Double -sided upholstered, slender trapezoidal headboard, with symmetrically cut sides. (look)

Piko bed
A sophisticated style that gives harmony to your surroundings. An elegant headboard in the form of six upholstered panels, ensuring incredible background comfort. (look)


Connecting fabrics

Your space should complement the headboard, not compete with it. Here are some of the most important tips for designing the bedroom around the upholstered headboard.

When you choose a quilt or throw pillows, think about how colors and textures will complement your headboard. You don't have to choose exactly the same colors as the headboard - this may make the headboard less noticeable. Instead, choose a complementary color

Softness at your fingertips

If your headboard has a neutral color, such as Taupe, hold away from the colors that can overshadow it - no one will notice the upholstered Taupe headrest if he has to compete with a hot pink covers. Instead, consider combining it with another neutral color. White can add a light, beach character, while dark brown can create a warm autumn palette. Look for colors in the same family - lights with lights, dark with darkness, light with light and so on.

Deep colors and rich velvet finishes give a sense of true wealth and work in almost every environment. Cool this effect with neutral shades of walls and light bedding, thanks to which the depth of color on the upholstery will not burden the final effect.