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Sleeping mattress on the floor - is this a good solution?

Minimalism is a trend that is growing every year and becomes more and more liked. Hence, sleeping on the floor is becoming more and more popular - well, maybe not so directly, but on mattresswhich is placed on it. However, is such a solution to both a practical and health point of view? Well, we should know that the sleeping mattress on the floor itself will not be a good choice for everyone. Therefore, we tell you what to consider when deciding on such a move.


Sleeping mattress on the floor - is this a good solution? 


Mattress on the floor instead of a bed - what is the advantages?


While in our culture only recently we are starting to practice sleeping on the floor, in many parts of the world, especially in Asian countries, this practice has been used for a long time. Of course, religious customs have a lot to say in other cultures, and in the case of our culture primarily trends, but also health aspects. At last Arranging a mattress directly on the floor can have a positive effect on our health. First of all, we mean Even distribution of body weight over the entire surface, which in turn translates into maintenance of the spine in a natural position. We have often heard that people suffering from back pain slept on the floor to reduce troublesome pain. Unfortunately, however, sleeping directly on the mattress is not for everyone ...




Sleeping on the floor - when will it not work?


Is sleeping on the mattress on the floor healthy? This question is probably asked by many people and, as we already know, it has its pros, especially if we have problems with the spine. This does not mean, however, that it will be a good solution for everyone. There are many aspects that should lead us to However, invest from bed. The first is to expose yourself to a cold, especially in the autumn and winter. Sleeping on a cool floor can cause Choosing the body and the disease. The kidneys that we should properly care for can also suffer. The second thing is poor air circulation. Sleeping on the floor is associated with reduced air flow within the fabric. The mattress should breathe properly - Only then does he fulfill all his functions. In a situation where the knitwear adheres to the floor and there is no proper ventilation, perforation channels block, which in turn leads to the accumulation of heat and sweat in the interior of the mattress. As a consequence, we may feel the unnatural feeling of hot during sleep. Yet another matter is moisture, which has excellent development conditions on the floor. Sweat, which is absorbed by the mattress fabric, accumulates and moisture There is no possibility of mouth. As a consequence, mold appears, which not only smells ugly, but also has a very harmful effect of our health. Finally, you should mention mites and other microorganisms, with whom we will have direct contact by sleeping on the floor. Even inconspicuous dust moves in the air easily and penetrates into our respiratory tract. Such unaware contact with microorganisms can unfortunately lead to the development of allergic reactions and breathing problems.


 Sleeping mattress on the floor - is this a good solution?


Mattress on the floor - how to reduce the negative effects of direct sleeping on the floor?


As we could read above, sleeping on the floor has its pros, but also has many minuses, which fortunately, at least to some extent, we can minimize. Let's remember If we want to sleep on mattressit should be the highest quality, made of antiallergic and airy materials, so that bacteria and fungi will not develop on it. Latest mattresses They already have antifungal properties and those inhibiting the growth of bacteria. We can also consider Purchase of the frame itself - without a bed. Thanks to this, the mattress is not directly on the floor and in this way we are able to eliminate the problem of poor depreciation, and at the same time we do not have to worry about properly maintaining the spine. Ventilation is also extremely important. If it is at the correct level, we will not only provide the mattress with a long life, but also reduce the risk of harmful microorganisms that we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Therefore, from time to time It is worth lifting our mattress and put it during the day, in a vertical position. In addition, let's choose mattress with removable coverwhich we can wash or buy in case of destruction.

Sleeping mattress on the floor - is this a good solution? 

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