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Mattress - for whom hard, for whom soft?

Even the most interesting bed is nothing if we don't match the right mattress to it. Both too soft and too hard It will be harmful to our spine. Sleeping on a soft mattress means that the spine unnaturally bends, and the spaces between the disks are unilaterally squeezed, preventing the necessary regeneration of the backs exposed to back loads. On the other hand too hard The mattress will support our body only in a few places, causing the pressure of the vessels and hindering blood flow. As a result, we can lead to painful numbness of the toes. Hard mattresses are not recommended for the elderly and with circulation problems. In children during development, such a mattress can cause permanent curvature of the spine over time. In turn, in the case of people suffering from moderate back and hips ailments, mattresses with shape memory, stimulating blood circulation and soothing pain will be a great choice. The mattress with a properly selected hardness should relieve the spine to the greatest extent, while providing it with the possibility of gaining natural, light bending in the shape of the letter "S". Thanks to this, the spaces between the disks are filled with liquid again and regenerate during sleep.

Mattress - for whom hard, for whom soft? 


Individually fitted mattress


The right mattress hardness is an individual matter, which consists of many aspects that should be considered before buying it. Of course, the key elements are the weight and growth of the user. In the case of people up to 80 kilograms, the best choice will be soft mattresses (symbol H2), for people in the weight range from 80 to 100 kilograms medium hard mattresses (H3), and for people over 100 kilograms hard mattresses (H4). It is worth remembering, however, that, depending on the height, the weight of the body breaks down slightly differently, so it may turn out that a person who should sleep on a hard mattress will better sleep on a mattress with medium hardness. When buying a mattress, remember also about the so -called number of hardness zones. The best mattresses usually have 7 zones, separated along the entire length of the mattress, giving the appropriate support of the head, shoulders, loins, hips, thighs, calves and feet.


Mattress - for whom hard, for whom soft?

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Mattress - for whom hard, for whom soft?

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