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Personalized bed? It's possible!

The decision was made. Bedroom renovation!

Especially in these difficult times, when we are forced to stay at home, the most people decide to renovate or refresh their apartment. Most online stores work flawlessly, so you can easily complete all the elements needed for the metamorphosis of your own bedroom.


The king of sleeping is of course bed. Have you already visited a thousand online stores, you watched all ready solutions and something was always wrong? And this is too wide/narrow, short/long, the headboard is completely uncomporated with the style of your apartment - we know these problems from our clients' accounts. That is why we meet your expectations and create Bed especially for you!

Personalized bed? It's possible!

What can you choose?


There are many configurations! Start from bed width, adapting it to the size of your bedroom and your own needs.


We have until Six size beds: 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm. These values ​​have been adapted to the width of mattresses sold on the Polish market. However, we happened to make a bed for a 150 cm wide British mattress. Everything is possible!:)

Bed length It is also a standard 200 cm. Here, too, we have an unusual bed design, 250 cm long.


Another element is frame Your dream bed. You can choose her upholstered many different fabrics, be truly wooden, oak - solid and of high quality. We use high -class glued oak boards that have much better strength properties than solid wood.

You are concerned sharp edges on shoulder? We especially grind wood to make it smooth and to get up or sit down, not expose you to unnecessary abrasions.

Frame height Wooden can also be different - 15, 20 or 30 cm high. It all depends on whether you would like it to be more or less visible and whether you decided on a version with a container for bedding or not.


Exactly. Container for bedding This is extremely needed. In most houses where the space is limited, the storage space is always useful. The container can be used to hide seasonal quilts, but also suitcases, bags or clothes for the next season.

Advantage our bed with a container for bedding is that the container is practically invisible. It stands directly on the floor, but 20 cm away from the bed, so to see it, you have to look under the bottom :)

The bed is based on solid, oak legs. They can also have a different height: 10 or 15 cm in height, and if you decided on the version of the bed with a container, you can completely give up or choose 10 centimeters. The legs are very stable and durable.


Each of our bed is equipped with frame. The standard frame has 34 strips, we also have the option of a 48 strip frame, which differs in that the strips are embedded closer to each other, which gives greater stability and strength. If you have a heavy mattress, we recommend the 48-letter option.


Something that catches the eye is the bed head. Berke puts on design and modern form. We have Four types of upholstered head:

Personalized bed? It's possible! 

- cheerful Slim With a width of only 4 cm, it saves a lot of space in the bedroom. Gives the bed slenderness and elegance;


- version Apricot 14 cm wide, gives the softness of the backrest and greater massiveness of the frame;


- version Angel This is a unique, trapezoidal headboard with an unconventional shape;


- version Convix About a rounded form, very comfortable and favorable to work in bed, reading books or watching series, where we will be comfortable in a sitting position.


And if you would like to display the wall behind the bed, with decorative wallpaper, wood, intricate mosaic - we also have a minimalist bed Flat, without headboard.


You are thinking about the color of the headboard? At Berke you will choose from over over 200 colors and textures fabrics. We have to offer many shades of colors and many fabric textures, from welvet, through flax weaves, to the appearance of natural wool, so we are sure that you will choose something for yourself. If the photos do not convince you, we give the opportunity to order fabric samples, which makes it very easy to choose the right one.


If there is something that we have not mentioned here, and is your dream solution, nothing simpler - Write to us! :) We are able to implement almost every idea. We invite!

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