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Bedroom bed with a container. Features of the container in a nutshell.


Bedroom arrangement - to sleep better

The bedroom and a comfortable, stable bed is the basis of healthy rest. After a hard day, when you were attacked by adversity of life on each side, you certainly dream about going to your bed and forget about the whole world. It is, among other things, for this reason, it is so important to arrange your bedroom in such a way that it supports regeneration and rest even more.

Unfortunately, it happens very often that the bedroom takes over the role of a clipboard and almost all things are hidden there. Beds equipped with a special container, which is under the mattress frame, come to the rescue.

Bedroom bed with a container. Features of the container in a nutshell.



Bed in a container - an important element of equipment


Fun fact: The bed is one of the oldest inventions in the world. The beginnings of this invention date back to neolithic times, while some kind of bed and leaves were created. The first beds at the platform come from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians fell on wooden platforms, which were a few centimeters above the floor. This height was not insignificant - the more important someone was - the higher he could sleep.


The bed with a container will be perfect especially in small rooms, where every additional centimeter is important. It is an ideal choice for anyone who values ​​a well -organized space in every room. If you want to properly arrange your small area, decide primarily to functional furniture that performs more than one function. If you decide on such a solution, you will save a lot of space that you would have to use for a chest or other container. In addition, this is a good option to store items that you do not want to put in the view.


Bedroom bed with a container. Features of the container in a nutshell.


In our store you will find a rich offer beds with containers, thanks to which you can easily adapt the model to your needs and a sense of aesthetics. Many models include those in standard sizes, thanks to which you will match the selected bed to your dream bedroom.

Collection of beds with a container: Angel, che, Slim, Flat, Apricot, Piko, Ol

Access to the container is easy and should not cause problems. Properly selected power of gas lifts facilitates convenient opening of the container.



Features of the container in a nutshell:


  • The container in our beds is 18 cm high and is located under the entire surface of the mattress, under the rack raised from the front;
  • The bottom of the container is made of 16mm thick laminated plate;
  • The container plates are independent elements, stand on furniture legs, thanks to which the container has a very high load capacity and does not additionally burden the bed frame;
  • The container's legs are adjustable, they are about 10 cm in height - they have been adapted to the standard heights of Roomba vacuum cleaners;
  • Furniture legs are shifted inside the frame about 15 cm from the side;
  • The 160x200 bed container has a volume of over 550l.

Bedroom bed with a container. Features of the container in a nutshell.

Installation of the bed with a container
It is extremely simple. Take a look at the short illustration movie: If you don't see the movie, click on the link below.
Installation of a bed with a BERKE container. - YouTube



Personalization with your needs in mind


In our store's offer you will find a wide range of beds from wooden, upholstered, with or without a headboard. Ending in the beds with or without a container for bedding.

A large selection and the ability to personalize such parameters as the size of the bed, fabric and even a mattress, makes everyone find something for themselves. We focus on luxury, comfort and modernity in one product.



Can't you decide right away? Order samples.


Wide selection of configuration of beds, fabrics, materials, their textures, colors and specific propertiesat first glance he can make you dizzy. If you are just at the stage of planning your bedroom arrangement, samples will be a great idea. It is a solution that allows you to easily check whether the selected material will match the selected arrangement.
Order samples or write to us at


If you want to make any changes in the model - you have the opportunity. Our beds are always made to order.

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