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Slim.wood oak bed. Discover the strength of natural wood.


Bedroom bed "strong as oak"


Do you know the saying "strong as an oak"? His origin did not come from nowhere! Oak wood has always been associated with durability and solidity. Deadly, oak resistance to mechanical damage is especially enviable. By investing in a wooden bed, such as Slim.wood, you can be sure that with proper care it will last years - without creaking, propagation or cracking.



The beauty of natural raw material in the bedroom


Not only unique parameters, but also aesthetic considerations make the oak bed in the bedroom a solution that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. All you have to do is compare a piece of furniture made of real wood with that made of the plate. You can keep the beauty of natural wood for many years, taking care of it every day and systematically cultivating.

Slim.wood oak bed. Discover yourself of natural wood.



Increased comfort of rest


A comfortable bed cannot go without a headboard. In case of bed Slim We made them from a pleasant to the touch and resistant to stains and abrasion fabric, which perfectly harmonizes with the structure of the oak. Despite the small, 4 cm thick, the headboard provides the necessary support while reading your favorite book before bedtime.



Sleep in natural conditions


Oak beds, including Slim.wood, are additionally reinforced with oils or water varnishes. Their task is to extract the beauty of wood and its protection against external factors. The preparations we use are ecological and non -toxic, devoid of harmful compounds. Thanks to this, they provide a healthy sleep in natural conditions and are even friendly to allergy sufferers.



A universal bed


Wood is a timeless material. An oak bed made of it Slim.wood, thanks to its color, it will perfectly match both the interiors kept in both modern and classic style. The versatility of the material strengthens the richness of species and shades, thanks to which it is possible to obtain the desired climate and give coziness to each bedroom.

Slim.wood oak bed. Discover yourself of natural wood.


Easy wood care


Bed Slim.wood This is a great proposition for people who want to keep order in the bedroom. It is enough to wipe the oak frame of the furniture with a dry and soft cloth from time to time. It is worth remembering that wooden furniture, thanks to electrostatic properties, also allow you to reduce dust curly in the air.

Do you care about a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom? Are you looking for a furniture with exceptional durability? With solidly made, compact and delightful design, bedSlim Arranging the seating space becomes even simpler and the dream is more pleasant.


Rememberthat we always give you the possibility of individual selection of wood coloring or the color of upholstery fabric. Look into the tab "Order samples"And adjust the bed colors to your interior.
Slim.wood oak bed. Discover yourself of natural wood.


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