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Fireplace in the bedroom - what should you know? Which one to choose?

Buying a fireplace is undoubtedly an investment for many years. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about what we expect from it, especially if it would be located in such a sensitive place as a bedroom with a fireplace. Having a fireplace has many advantages, but they will be emphasized only when we carefully consider where and how to place it. The fireplace can successfully become the heart of the family hearth, and in the bedroom, apart from fulfilling its basic role, i.e. heating the room, it can also bring a bit of magic and romance ...

Therefore, when choosing a fireplace or biofireplaces, we should know what function they are primarily to play in our home and what will be the location of the fireplace. Of course, it will decorate a representative bedroom, but most often it is not its only task. The costs of such an investment as well as those related to the operation itself are also of great importance. In addition, let us remember about the comfort of operation and maintenance. So how do you reconcile all these requirements and choose the best bedroom fireplace?

Fireplace in the bedroom - what should you know? Which one to choose?

Classic fireplace in the bedroom, or maybe electric fireplaces?

Currently, traditional closed or open fireplaces are still the most popular. The former will prove themselves in the bedroom, but also in the living room, and even in the whole house, because thanks to their design, including, for example, a hot air distributor and a water jacket, they will provide not only an attractive appearance, but also practicality in the form of heating the room. In addition, they will allow us to save on fuel, because it burns quite slowly in a closed fireplace. On the other hand, such a fireplace in the bedroom requires a connection, often also an additional casing.

The opposite is open fireplaces. Of course, they look fantastic and work well in a modern interior, so if the fireplace is to serve us only as a form of an attractive addition, it will work perfectly. Its design, however, means that most of the generated heat escapes through the chimney, and the fuel burns quickly, making the operating costs much higher than in the case of the first option. Structural open fireplaces, however, give us much more possibilities and have a very high arrangement potential, thanks to which we can finish them with virtually any material.

Recently, free-standing fireplaces, i.e. so-called goats. They will work especially when we already have a ready house and only after some time we dreamed of implementing a fireplace in it. The installation does not require a thorough renovation, which consumes a lot of time and money. Freestanding fireplaces are available in many sizes and designs, thanks to which we will certainly be able to integrate them into any interior arrangement. An electric model can also be used in the bedroom. There is no open fire in it, which eliminates many dangers associated with it (alternatively, we can use automatic calling systems).

Finally, we cannot fail to mention gas fireplaces, which will also work in the bedroom due to comfort and safety. The installation is activated very quickly and simply, and such a fireplace does not require cleaning from soot and ash. What's more, we don't have to buy or store fuel, which is a great help, especially when the fireplace is in the bedroom.

Fireplace in the bedroom - what should you know? Which one to choose?

Electric fireplace in the bedroom - is it a good solution?

Electric fireplaces, like traditional ones, can create a specific charm, spreading warmth and light in the room. They make the interior a unique atmosphere - and this is probably what we care about the most in the bedroom? Therefore, those who cannot afford a traditional fireplace creating a romantic atmosphere or simply want to have more comfort, through cleanliness and no need to carry fuel, often opt for electric fireplaces.

Most often, this type of fireplaces are very elegant, and at the same time modern and aesthetically finished, so we can easily arrange them in any interior. At the same time, they are a very attractive and functional interior decoration. Models can be found in various sizes, and the installation itself is quick, simple, and most importantly, in the case of bedrooms - safe. The fires in the electric fireplace, in turn, create an atmospheric and magical environment that perfectly replaces the traditional hearth. It depends only on us whether we arrange such a fireplace in a form similar to a wall decoration, or whether we absorb part of the wall so that it emits a classic fireplace as much as possible.

A bedroom with a fireplace - what should you remember?

Facing a really huge choice that the modern market of fireplaces offers us, you should remember about a few rules for placing a fireplace in our bedroom. To this end, before making the final decision, let's analyze some important factors. First, we need to know what role our model is to play. Will it be mainly a decoration that builds the atmosphere in the bedroom, or is it designed to heat the interior.

If we choose the first option, the choice is simple - the best solution will be a convenient and comfortable to use electric fireplace. However, if we want to heat the room, then here we have to choose between a traditional fireplace and a gas one, although a very good option can also be a built-in bio fireplace with the function of a heating system. Let us remember, however, that the bedroom is a place where it should be slightly cooler than in the rest of the rooms in the house - after all, our comfortable sleep counts.

Another issue is the costs involved. If we are just building a house, then implementing a built-in, traditional fireplace may not cost much more than an electric fireplace, but if we already have a ready house, a thorough renovation may be a bad choice. Finally, the size of the room is also important - the larger the area, the greater the power of the fireplace must be. Therefore, before the final choice, it is best to consider how large the room we have, whether the fireplace needs to be built in, whether we are to heat the bedroom, or whether the heat is also to go to other interiors, including the living room, and whether we are dealing with a large area, and maybe the fireplace is to be located in a small apartment in a rustic or Scandinavian style?

Fireplace in the bedroom - what should you know? Which one to choose?


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