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Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team

Being in Wrocław, it is impossible to bypass this place. Chamber design office located in the factory corners of spaces, where you can watch dancers from the ballet school through large loft windows 😊. We are talking here They felt. A place created by Alicja Polc Husarz and her female team of unique designers.

We visited the girls on Friday afternoon. The place captivated us immediately. The design of the whole decor is raw and has a clear texture. The girls perfectly used existing materials: red brick, plasters and concrete, as well as steel accessories. No wonder, as they say in their veins, Zero West flows. However, there are no women's details. Dirty pink guests almost everywhere - from curtains to sweet fingers we were hosted😊

We talked to the girls about Japandi. The style that appeared relatively recently and immediately gained popularity around the world. Whether this is a lasting trend or short fashion, time will show. However, today we can be tempted to say that due to his uncomplicated beauty, a passion for natural materials, conducive to silencing the atmosphere, stole our hearts and Zadom with us for longer.

Read what will come out of the combination of Japanese restraint with Scandinavian coziness.

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team


Berke: How could you characterize Japandi style?

Alice: Minimalist, calm, natural. It mainly focuses on three colors. It is about giving up excess things. When talking to our clients, you can feel that most of them feel good in "clean" spaces. And it's actually with Japandi style. A word in Japanese culturejapandi means respect for old things. Guided by the etymology of the word, in the interiors of Japandi should host objects with which an emotional bond connects us or those that are simply needed here. As for furniture - when choosing them, we should be guided mainly by the quality and craftsmanship, because they are to stay with us for years.
Such a curiosity, I don't know if you know;) - the name comes from the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style.


Berke: In that case, how is Japandi differ from scandi?

Alice: The main difference is that only natural materials are used in the Japandi style. At least you should do this (laughs). The interiors in the Scandinavian trend are kept in cool shades. Japandi is more cozy. In Skandi, you can be tempted by more accessories, discovered shelves, decorations, photos and images. Japanese is definitely more guided by the "Less is More" principle. However, both cultures combine respect for nature, love of simplicity and order.

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team

 What additions should apply in the style of Japandi?

Alice:We limit add -ons to a minimum. Each item impresses with the form and masterful performance. It is best if the decorations surrounding us additionally recall memories. They are sentimental to us. It is also worth choosing everyday items with interesting, designer forms that will decorate our interiors. Especially those that are in view.

We usually recommend the use of large and even very large for our clients :) Ceramic and clay vessels, bowls, vases or wooden sculptures.


Berke: What colors apply in the style of Japandi?

Alice: Style Japandi likes a neutral and very limited color palette. In such interiors, we usually use shades of beige and warm gray. In fact, it is best without white - as it is broken, warm white. If we want to liven up the decor, then we recommend black accents and dark coloring of wood, which contrast well with a light wall.

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team


Berke: What about plants?

Alice: Personally, I love :) and I put them everywhere (laughs). However, the style of Japandi likes harmony. Plants in such a space should be carefully selected, in a small amount: bonsai trees, ferns, dried grass ... and preferably - one large plant.


Berke: What structures of materials, fabrics in the interiors of Japandi?

Alice: Japandi loves natural materials. We reject everything that is artificial. Even the most loyal imitations will not find a place here. This must definitely be emphasized - only natural materials! First of all, a lot of solid wood, but also lightweight braids, linen and cotton textiles, rice paper, which perfectly disperse the light, creating a cozy mood.

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team 


Berke: We went smoothly to lighting. What should be the lighting of Japandi?

Alice:Designers are not unambiguous in this matter. Some offer lamps modeled on an Asian style, where the lampshade is paper, or a rattan braid. Others give greater importance to Scandinavian arrangements, i.e. modern, simple forms. We were closer to this second approach. Surely in such interiors designer wall lamps, standing lamps, as well as large lamps with a lamp shaped will be welcome. Nevertheless, we all agree that light in Japandi spaces should be varied. Arranged on many levels - functional, but also ambient. The interior of Japandi is to be cozy, illuminated, but not x -ray!

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team

Berke: Are there specific shapes of furniture in the Japandi style?

Alice: Of course. In the style of Japandi, simple lines and symmetry mix with streamlined forms. Gentle shapes rule. Furniture with soft lines. We limitWeets surrounding us to a minimum. We do the same in the case of furniture. We only place the most necessary ones. Japandi style interiors are to give the impression of open and spacious, which is why the form and location of furniture intended for storage should be thought out. It is best to hide things for high, simple fronts of wardrobes in rooms such as the hall or wardrobe. In the living room, a sofa, a chest of drawers or a cabinet, necessarily with an interesting front - will not only serve practical goals, but also decorate the interior. We focus on the quality of workmanship and natural materials.

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team

Discover the Berke Furniture collection in styleJapandi on Pinterest Berke.


Berke: What about the bedroom? What characterizes the Japandi style bedroom?

Alice:The Japandi style bedroom is a quiet space. The main role in this room is playing a bed. According to Japanese tradition, it should be light and low -most often wooden. It can also be suspended - as in the Japanese style. We recommend a bed from Berke furnitureShort. It is almost created for the Japandi style - minimalist with an original low headboard. It appears to traditional Japanese mattresses. Customers love them!
As for fabrics -we replace patterned with smooth bedding from natural flax or cotton materials. To give the bedroom a bit of coziness, we can also use light furniture and wood accessories. Vanity tableLiliOr benchBench No.1 They can be a perfect complement to such a space.

Many people ask us about the wardrobe. In the mina, we advise its total buildings. Wooden or wall color with straight fronts and delicate handles (preferably without :).
Let's not forget about the mirror! It should be simple, preferably round or oval. Framed in a fairly thin frame, no decorations. A large mirror, hanged on an empty wall or above the dressing table will undoubtedly decorate the room, and the light reflecting in it will brighten it and, above all, optically enlarge. Japandi loves space :)

know Furniture collection Berke in the style of Japandi


What is the bedroom for you?

Alice: Currently, it is primarily regeneration after a whole day. My safe asylum, to which the outside world has no access. I have recently been a happy mother of Teodor. It's a great love of my life, but undoubtedlyhe seizedThe space I have allocated so far only for myself :) Apart from work (I am still active professionally), the duties have joined -"sweet duties",We know;), but still duties that I had not had before. And the day did not extend. (laughs) Of course, my husband, Krzysztof is an invaluable support for me. Without him, I would not be able to reconcile all these roles in my life. That is why I appreciate our bedroom very much now, where it regenerates after everyday effort and I can sink for a moment in moments of relaxation.

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team


Berke: Describe your bedroom to us.

Alice: I bring "treasures" from every journey that remind me of the places and people I met on my way. My bedroom is a bit of such a sanctuary. A collection of my best stories (laughs). I like dark bedrooms with a subdued world and necessarily natural materials. Mine has dark gray walls and ceiling, wooden floor and linen curtains. I made the lamp myself :) from the basket (from grass) brought from Vientam. It gives a delicate light by introducing a warm atmosphere inside. The bed frame was designed with Krzysztof from recovery wood, after dismantling the wall in an old Wroclaw tenement house. The bedspread reminds me of my stay in Sri Lanka. Introduces some variations into the bedroom😉 - It's in shades of dirty pink. As you could see, this is my favorite color (laughs). Dark bedding gray or dirty pink - I mix sets. And of course a lot of plants!

We have a woman's team definitely in the mina. Each of us is different and that is why it is so easy for us to offer solutions adapted to the different preferences of our clients. What connects us is undoubtedly a passion for quality, natural materials and timeless forms. PhilosophyZero West It is our everyday life.
Referring only to the bedroom. Julia is dominated by minimalism, and the only color is cotton curtains in rotten green. The bedroom of Ula is bright, simple, subdued, with vintage elements. Wiola, however, is very spacious in ecru, where the interior character gives a beautiful chest of drawers - of course withrecovery:) .


Berke: What is a responsible design for you?

Alice: Part of the mission was minted Building in accordance with the Zero West principle and creating unique and functional interiors, using natural materials. Design in which we use timeless forms. We do not destroy, but we recover. We choose quality furniture, where the craftsmanship is visible. We use local raw materials. You can't hide that we like recovery things (laughs).
I am also pleased that more and more often developers are open to making tenant changes at the construction stage. I mean changes in the functional system of the property (e.g. partition walls), arrangement of installations, etc. This approach means that we do not waste materials when making these changes only after receiving the premises. And this is a responsible design for me :)

Alicja Polc Husarz about Japandi and the strength he draws on the female energy of his team


Discover the Berke Furniture collection in style Japandi:
Pinterest Berke.
website Berke.

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