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How to wash bedding - at what temperature and with what in one washing machine?

The bedroom is undoubtedly a place where we feel special, relaxing and safe. It is there that we relax after a hard day and gather strength for the next challenges. Therefore, an indispensable and very important element is well-chosen and properly refreshed bedding. After all, it is a very important element of bedroom equipment. Fresh, washed and ironed, it makes us not want to leave the bed. As a result, it has a positive effect on our well-being and significantly increases the level of comfort. Proper care of duvets, pillows and sheets is therefore our duty, of course, if we want to maintain the beautiful appearance of the bedroom and rest with fragrant and clean bedding.

How to wash bedding - at what temperature and with what in one washing machine?

Washing bedding - how do I prepare for it?

Before we put our duvets, pillows and sheets in the washing machine, and then program it for the appropriate program, it is worth preparing the bedding for refreshment. To do this, let's sort the bedding and separate it from towels, clothes or other items of clothing. Segregation should also apply to the colors of fabrics. No combined light and dark bedding. Then, carefully read the label, where you will find guidelines for washing a given bedding. Usually one label applies to both the duvet and pillows, but to have a guarantee, it's best to check all the labels on each element.

Before washing, let's lay out duvets, sheets and pillows so that they do not end up twisted or in cubes in the drum. In addition, let's turn all the bedding elements inside out, thanks to which we will avoid abrasions on the drum and ensure fresh and saturated colors of the bedding for a longer time. Possibly fasten buttons and zippers, which will effectively prevent textiles from tangling.

How to wash bedding - at what temperature and with what in one washing machine?

At what temperature should you wash bedding?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to washing bedding. To achieve full comfort of using bedding and sleeping, it is worth sticking to a few rules. First of all, as we wrote above, stick to the recommendations on the labels. It is they who will give us the answer, in virtually every situation. The vast majority of bedding available in stores can be washed in a normal, home automatic washing machine, you just need to remember about maintaining the right temperature and adding (or not) various types of detergents. We usually wash duvets, pillows and sheets in the range of 40-60 degrees Celsius. However, let's not take it for granted, because each fabric has different properties and requires different treatment, which then affects the program in which to wash bedding. The bedding washing program should therefore also be adapted to the type of material. Linen bedding or the specificity of washing silk, which requires special treatment, can be a bit problematic. Then it is also worth washing the bedding both by hand and in the washing machine using softening detergents. Bark bedding and baby bedding require more frequent washing. For this purpose, use delicate detergents, and check carefully how many degrees to wash bedding, what should be the frequency of washing bedding and whether it can be washed with other textiles.

What detergents should I use to wash bedding?

Bedding comes in direct contact with our skin every day, so in this case we should pay special attention to what products we use to wash it. It is therefore important to read all the information on the packaging. Let's reach for detergents that, above all, do not irritate the skin, are friendly to the sensitive skin of a child and do not cause allergies.

If our bedding is colored, it is worth adding a preparation that will ensure better protection of dyes. White quilts, pillows and sheets should not be washed in agents that contain chlorine, because it causes yellowing of fabrics. If we wash bedding for our child, we will use a mild, anti-allergic powder.

Do new sheets need to be washed too?

This is an often overlooked topic, but equally important when it comes to washing bedding. The answer to this question will probably surprise some of you, but yes, regardless of the type of bedding, we should wash satin bedding, flannel bedding, linen or cotton bedding before the first use. Let's pay attention to this especially in the case of children's bedding. Thanks to washing the bedding, it will become pleasantly soft, and all residues from the production process will be removed from it. Using your favorite linen softener will give it freshness, and by the way, we will get rid of the specific smell of new fabrics. Regular washing of bedding in an automatic washing machine allows you to get rid of all impurities, bacteria and mites that negatively affect the quality of our sleep.