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How to match the bed to the bedroom decor


Wooden, upholstered, or maybe combined with metal?


The choice of beds that are available on the market can bother. In the offer of bedroom furniture stores, you will find both wooden, upholstered and metal beds. We suggest which of them will work in your bedroom!




Wooden bed


Wooden beds delight with their durability and endurance. Especially those made of oak wood show excellent resistance to damage and retain their impeccable appearance for many years. However, the most important of the advantages is the outstanding universality of wood. The bed made of it will look great in both classic, boho, minimalist, rustic, Provence or extremely popular Scandinavian interiors. Visible wood jars will add a cozy, encouraging expression to the rooms. The wooden bed will also be great if you like to experiment with arranged space. It will perfectly match the new wall colors, type of floor or selected accessories. Deciding to buy wooden beds Pay attention to its solid and high quality of the material used. Also remember about the need for regular furniture maintenance.

Berke wooden bed collection: Ol, Short, Flat.



Upholstered bed


Do you feel good in elegant interiors? Do you want to create a cozy and at the same time giving the impression of a luxurious bedroom? Bet on the upholstered bed. The real hit of the last season are upholstered beds covered with soft and pleasant to the touch velor. Enriched with a high headrest, they not only increase the aesthetics, but the functionality of the interior. Comfortable support will be appreciated especially by people who like to spend the evenings reading books.Upholstered beds They will best blend in with bedrooms arranged in the style of boho, glamor, loft and modern. An effective piece of furniture, especially in a bold color, is great as the center of the interior.

Berke collection of upholstered beds: Slim, Apricot, Angel, Con, Flat, Piko.

How to match the bed to the bedroom decor



Metal bed


Forged metal beds are famous for their resistance to cracking, moisture and loads. It is difficult without them to imagine a fully successful arrangement of the romantic bedroom, shabby chic and manor. The intricately decorated frame of the metal bed is an absolute must have in such interiors. An additional advantage of forged beds are their dimensions - not much larger than the mattress itself. Thanks to this, they are a great choice in rooms with a small area, where every centimeter is at a premium. However, it is worth keeping in mind the burden of metal beds, which can be problematic when changing the arrangement of the bedroom or removal.

Berke collection connecting wood and metal version White and blackit's beds Som.wood oak.

How to match the bed to the bedroom decor 

Each Berke bed can be ordered in different fabric and color of wood. We are aware that the decision is not easy. Order material samples or write to us on We have extensive experience in this. By learning your preferences, we will try to choose the perfect material for your interior.

photo Marcin Czechowicz @Marcinczechowicz_Mobile


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