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Why does the mattress have 72 hours after unpacking?

Buying a mattress is a responsible decision and very important for our comfort and health. Choosing the right model may take a while, it is also worth testing a few mattresses to finally choose the best one that will meet our expectations. Good mattress He should finally provide us with the best comfort and comfort during sleep, as well as correspond to our weight and body shape to support them in an optimal way. If we decide on a given model, it is a very important aspect to pack it, transport and properly aging. What do we mean by that? Well, the mattress should be transported in the right position. In addition, if it reaches us, it would be worth it for the first 72 hours after unpacking, it aged alone, without our active support.


How much time can a rolled mattress be?

The mattress can go to our house in two form. By ordering, we will receive it in some cases in 1: 1 state, i.e. flat, but sometimes it is pressed and rolled in the store or at the manufacturer, and then transported to the customer. This form of packing and transporting goods is much better for the seller, because it facilitates packaging, transport, as well as optimize the place in the car, which reduces costs. In addition, most often in mixed blocks we have narrow staircases that prevent you from bringing a fully unfolded mattress, and even if it succeeded, it would cause damage to the mattress.

Therefore, if we get a mattress in the form of a roll, then after unpacking it we have to wait 72 hours. At this time, the mattress regains 100 percent of its volume and only then it is fully functional and can perform all the functions we care about.


Why does the mattress have 72 hours after unpacking?


Why does the mattress have 72 hours?

As we have already mentioned above, the mattress should lie the first 72 hours to fully regain its volume, which in turn affects its functionality and safe use. Of course, there are also many myths around, which in turn create new doubts and questions. Nevertheless, the time we provide is a base time that is most often used. However, many mattresses have their conditions and require special treatment or performing specific care activities. Therefore, when buying, it is better to read the attached instructions carefully and ask a specialist from the store, who will definitely advise us on how to take care of our new mattress. As well as we mentioned, a lot depends on how to bring the mattress. If it comes to us in 1: 1 form flat, then its aging time is significantly shortened, if we receive it in a roll, then the 72 -hour time is even necessary!


Why does the mattress have 72 hours after unpacking?


After what time can you sleep on the mattress?

Here we go back to previous paragraphs. Instinct tells us that after unpacking the mattress, we put it in bed and finally we arrange it comfortably on it to enjoy full comfort. But are you sure? We advise against, especially if the mattress came to us. In this case, of course, we can put it in the beds of beds, but we should certainly not lie on it immediately. Let's wait 72 hours. At this time, the mattress will recover 100 percent of its volume and only then will he be ready to use. Even if the mattress goes to us in position 1: 1, it is worth for a few hours in a new bed. In addition, it is worth taking care to protect our new mattress from dirt, flooding or later. For this purpose, it is worth buying a special cover that can be removed and washed at any time.

Why does the mattress have 72 hours after unpacking?

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