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Black ceiling in the bedroom - ideas for arrangement

When designing or already finishing the interior, we usually paint the ceiling in white - even if the walls are covered with a different color of paint. This is a practice well known to us for years, but it's time to finally break these stereotypes! A great idea may be to change the classic color of the ceiling with deep black. Thanks to this, we will introduce an elegant, sophisticated and classic atmosphere to the bedroom, which, contrary to appearances, will not negatively affect our emotions, concentration and of course relaxation. With the help of a black color, we will be able to change our interior from a regular bedroom into an intimate rest zone.

Rooms, and especially bedrooms with a black ceiling without a doubt do not belong to everyday views. We have the conviction that the bedroom arranged in this way breaks out of the classic interior painting scheme. There is a lot of truth in this, but take our word for it - the painted space intrigues, and at the same time impresses with the depth of color above the head, especially if we use good light! If we want to be sure that black in the lead role does not overwhelm the whole interior, then let's follow one advice - painting the ceiling in black, let's cover the wall with a contrasting, preferably white color, which will eliminate the feeling of heaviness. In addition, light plays a huge role in this type of arrangement. If it is adapted to the needs of the bedroom, we can be sure that the effect will be thundering. It is worth noting that the arrangement of the bedroom, where the dark ceiling reigns, is not the only room in which we can use such a solution. The black ceiling combined with the bright color of the walls will work in the kitchen or in such interiors as the living room or living room.


Black ceiling in the bedroom - ideas for arrangement


Black ceiling in the bedroom - why is it so rarely used?

There is nothing to hide - black is not a color that we are happy to reach for by painting the interiors in our house or apartment. We probably find beautiful projects on the internet that are distinguished by a black ceiling, but we still have concerns that this is too bold idea. As a result, we focus on white, numerous pastels and earth colors. Why is it like that? First of all, due to the perception of black and associations associated with this color.

In our culture, black is usually associated with sadness, mourning and isolation. We think that the black color will affect our feelings or depression. Therefore, many people avoid this color for fear of adverse influence. Let's look at black from a slightly different angle. It has always symbolized the luxury, style, class, style and prestige - that's why the arrangements we are looking at so beautiful.


Black ceiling - what are the benefits?

So how do you convince people who are undecided? Of course, presenting the benefits of such a step. First of all, the black paint on the ceiling introduces depth, and at the same time a pinch of mystery. In addition, the height of the room is very important, because the presence of a black ceiling optically changes the proportions of the room, creating, contrary to appearances, an intimate and cozy atmosphere, which is desired especially in the bedroom.

This solution will therefore work perfectly in high apartments and old tenements, where the ceiling is very high. Thanks to the use of black paint, we will optically lower it, and the bedroom will become more proportional and cozy. Remember, of course, about the additions that will not burden our arrangement. So combine black with white, light gray and cream colors.


A bedroom with a dark ceiling manipulates space

As we have already mentioned above, the black ceiling can manipulate space in an amazing way. This does not mean, however, that in every room we can afford such a color. If we live in a small and low apartment, we would advise against black ceilings. It is different if we are the owner of a high apartment or apartment in an old tenement house, where the rooms usually have over 3 meters high. Then the black color will perfectly optically lower the ceiling, making the bedroom more friendly and cozy. In addition, black color does not mask the shortcomings of the interior, so if we do not have a smooth and simple ceiling, then this solution may not work.

In turn, if the effect of lowering the ceiling we want to emphasize even more, then the perfect patent is painting about a 15-centimeter section of the wall under the ceiling, in the same color to which we painted the ceiling.


The dark ceiling in the bedroom will provide a stylish interior

Dark colors on the ceiling emphasize the atmosphere in the interior. Therefore, the black color fits perfectly with the intimate and relaxing bedroom. The best places for such treatments will be surfaces where stucco, wood elements and modern apartments and houses in a somewhat harsh arrangement in the bedrooms. The stronger and intense color will emphasize the nature of the interior, and the details used in the form of light or accessories will make the bedroom even more attractive.

An interesting and more and more often used solution is also the use of furniture in a shade of the ceiling in such an interior. When preparing this arrangement, we are aimed at that the selected color is a kind of leitmotif, not just an isolated element. This will be great not only in the bedroom, but also on the surface where there is a day zone, in interiors with black and in the living room, where white reigns on the walls.


Colorful ceiling - let's focus on various shades of black

It is worth knowing that black has many names. Therefore, as in the case of white, here we can also choose a very deep color, but also black falling into a dark navy blue or one that will be similar to graphite or gray. It is also a great solution for people who are afraid of their first arrangement using black. Then the intensity and the whole bedroom will be presented in a slightly milder form, and the reception itself will be more subtle. So it will also be a very good way out in the case of a child's room or in another room, where we have, for example, ceiling beams and painting the ceiling in dark colors may not be the best idea. At that time, interior designers recommend a colorful ceiling, where we can opt for bright walls, so that the room works perfectly, both in terms of floors, wall color and the color of the ceiling.


Dark ceilings with a matte texture

Black or very dark ceilings in the bedroom, but also in other rooms look best when they have a matte finish. Such a color will focus on itself, and a high gloss or even a satin coating will make all unevenness or other ointments painting errors will be very visible. The matte texture, in turn, easily masks all imperfections. Often, a matte texture will also work in other interiors, even in the bathroom, kitchen or room for a child. Note that the bathroom and kitchen are after all a place where there is a large dose of moisture and it is worth considering this when arranging such rooms. In order to best protect the walls, we recommend paints such as Śnieżka Trade or Magnat Ceramic, which ensure the quality of the ceiling with black paint.


Black ceiling in the bedroom - ideas for arrangement