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Art Deco in the bedroom 2022

Artistic and spectacular interiors - this is how we can in a nutshell describe the spaces inspired by the art deco style created in the 20th century. And although this is not a style that is one of the easiest to arrange, it has been very popular for many years and more and more people are deciding to introduce it to their bedroom. What's more, Art Deco is one of the main trends that will apply in 2022! So how do you use this classic style to arrange a modern interior?


Fashionable 2022 bedroom in the Art Deco style?

At the very beginning we have to say something very important - Art Deco style will be loved by all those who value aesthetics and class, but Pwith functionality and convenience. Art Deco bedrooms meet all these conditions and, what's more, they will lead the way in the new one, 2022. Lets start with The shapes that are geometric and are the main characteristic feature of this style. This mainly applies to furniture, so in such a bedroom they are perfect cabinets, dressers, desks or dressing table, but with clear and exposed shapes. It is similar with contrasts because Art Deco loves contrasts! Of course, we do not have to condemn to combining white with black (this is even inadvisable), but It is best if we combine a neutral, often pastel color with saturated color and limit ourselves to two colors. What's more? Of course Harmony and high quality materials. Let's make sure that our bedroom has peace and that all elements fit together, creating one, coherent whole. It is similar with materials. We are talking about both additions and upholstery. After all, for the decoration to blend in with the art deco style, it must be made with the utmost care and quality. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the detail, which, however, is of great importance. This is a high gloss - Nothing fits this type of interior, like furniture and accessories made for high gloss!


Art Deco in the bedroom 2022


A bed in the Art Deco bedroom - which one should you choose?

The bed is without a doubt the heart of every bedroom. This is also the case with style Art Deco. So what should you characterize bedroom bed? Let's make sure it is high, effective and with upholstered headboard. It will not be a secret if we say that A characteristic feature of Art Deco beds is the high headboard and expressive stitching. They are most often arranged in the shape of large squares and rectangles, although they are increasingly appearing in the shape of diamonds or triangles. In turn, metal elements can be a perfect complement to such a bed, which should not, however, dominate over it.

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Art Deco in the bedroom 2022


Art Deco style add -ons

An indispensable arrangement element of every art deco bedrooms are of course effective Accessories. This is an important element, Therefore, we should ensure that they are of the highest quality. We are talking primarily about mirrorswhich will lightly illuminate and enlarge the interior, chandeliers and wall lamps, Because lighting is a very important element of the bedroom decor, standing lamps and decorative candles that can not only decorate the bedroom, but also create a unique and moody atmosphere in it.



Fashionable fabrics for the 2022 bedroom in the Art Deco style

As we have already written, quality and careful workmanship are very important issues if we talk about the art deco style. It is no different with fabrics, which should also be properly selected and chosen with due diligence - only then will we be able to fully emphasize the unique nature of the space. Interestingly, Art Deco style does not favor any of the fabrics, although most often such interiors harmonize very well with silk, satin and suede, whose gentle gloss extracts from "deep" and noble colors the best. Remember, however, that all fabrics, in the form of curtains, upholstery or other decorative elements, be elegant, stylish and tastefully arranged. The Art Deco style is finally characterized by attention to every detail, which is why inadequately selected colors or patterns can negatively affect the whole decor.


Art Deco in the bedroom 2022


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